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About Sticksology

Innovative Little tea infusion sticks

Welcome to our innovative, luxury tea drinking concept. We make our tea a little different. We’ve done away with the tea bag!

With STICKSOLOGY tea sticks, you can enjoy your tea when you’re on the go because there’s no need for a teaspoon, which means no mess.

Our expertly sourced tea from the world's finest plantations is encased in a perforated sterile aluminium foil stick. The wonderful tea stick eliminates the need for tea infuser bags and spoons, saving time and avoiding drips and mess. The unique T-Stick also acts as a strainer and stirrer.

Sticksology tea come in 10 delicious flavours, sourced from tea plantations around the world. Each flavour is refreshing, well balanced, unique and fragrant.

Coffee Pods and Capsules

Like many we have had some timed during Lockdown, we been in the lab and our factory busy sourcing and roasting Arabica Green Beans (notice - Social Distancing maintained and observed), from light to dark roasts and created an accessible specialty coffee range fit for your Home Office as we ease our selves out of lockdown and to take that well deserved break.

Try any of our pods from organic single estate origins to our own house blend with our unique caramel and hazelnut PODS environmentally sustainable as we look forwards to the new FUTURE for all of us to create.

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