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Coffee Pods - speciality coffee in Biodegradeable pods compatible for Nespresso machines

Capods – Nespresso Compatible biodegradable capsule pods.

We are a brand and manufacturers of quality and innovative packaging. We source and develop NPD combining it with quality ingredients.

We have developed a plastic -free, oxygen barrier free, non corn starch, nespresso compatible capsules works with nespresso standard capsule / pod machines.

Now producing zero plastic compostable Nespresso compatible coffee capsules.

We are established coffee roasters with a business of sourcing the best quality coffee beans, green beans world wide from all corners of the globe even premium blue mountain and Kopi Lowak, where we carryout roasting and grinding.

Sticksology are partnering Roasters over the past 4 years focused on innovative packaging: Tea infusion sticks was the first range of disruptive innovation in products made from recycled aluminum and now working with Arabica coffee beans in an ecologically sound environmentally friendly coffee Capsules made from cellulose, wood and pulp, these capsules are filled in the same area of the factory as our tea infusion sticks.

Modern environmentally friendly Coffee Capsules (NEW) latest on the market focusing on helping companies supply quality convenience capsules that are planet safe.

Euromonitor estimates the market is over £10.2 billion for capsules and pods worldwide. Nestle’s fasest growing brand Nespresso®* has an estimated £4.3billion in sales every year.

Although Nespresso 100,000 Nepresso recycling points, only 21% of the billions of capsules sold globally are recycled and of those 21% only 76.4% can be recycled excluding the rim and seal elements of the capsule. Only recycling available in 18 countries. That’s a lot of waste!

Billions of capsules will be thrown away this year! Environmentally...a disaster!

We have focussed the last 18 months on a No plastic version. Try our capsules and see what you think of our expertly sourced coffee beans roasted and ground for a lovely rich blend and or single origin estate coffees.

See here for house blend Bio pods - https://store.t-sticks.co.uk/products/new-coffee-collection-x-20-biodegradeable-capsules-by-sticksology-team-special-trial-offer?_pos=1&_sid=206be0a18&_ss=r

Colombian San Augustine - Organic  coffee - https://store.t-sticks.co.uk/products/copy-of-new-coffee-collection-x-20-biodegradeable-capsules-by-sticksology-team-special-trial-offer?_pos=3&_sid=206be0a18&_ss=r